Being A Venture Capitalist

Marc Sparks who is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Timber Creek, LP, believes that when one begins a business, they should start with a building model. He advises that corners should never be cut if one needs to be truly successful, because it could make the difference of success or failure.

Sparks book “They can’t eat” detail few successes and failures. It also describes his experiences on his road to becoming an entrepreneur. This thirty five years journey has allowed him to make Timber Creek Capital very profitable. Sparks works with a few selected companies by being their mentor. They have access to banking, marketing, capital,office space and a lots more. Most of all experienced advise.

Marc Sparks knows the trials and pitfalls that comes with starting and owning a company, that’s why he helps them build their dreams. Under his watchful guidance he makes sure that these companies have everything that is needed to rise to success. During the years Parks said he has seen every level of success and failure. So this is why his company has the experience to help other business become prosperous.

Sparks owns many titles and rightly deserved. His a philanthropist, an author and a successful entrepreneur. He donates to Habitat for Humanity and Sparky’s Kids. A not for profit organization where every underprivileged child receives a lap top. Samaritan Inn is another of his project. It is located in Texas where each night about 160 families has a place to rest their heads.

Sparks also says that having a meaningful presentation is not enough to sell your ideas to a company that you want an investment from. There are a few thing that one can do to keep the presentation interested. Keep in mind that wasted time results in monies lost. Don’t spend time on things that is is not related to the presentation. Make sure that you have accurate and proven statistics. There is nothing better to keep investors interested.

Tell a true story and outline your path for success. If possible bring out your team and let them demonstrated the product, it’s show that you have team spirit. Be enthusiastic about your product and at the same time keep it simple. It will definitely keep them interested in what you have to say.

A Sneak-Peek into Wikipedia’s New Text-To-Speech Plan

Innovations are the major driving force in the technological domain. A transformative idea is in the making, which will improve access to Wikipedia pages through the addition of a text to speech feature. This will enable those using the online knowledge source to have parts of the content read out to them. Though still in its conceptual stages, the idea is already causing excitement amongst users. 

The feature, which is still in its developmental stages, is being initiated by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology University, which is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The institution was asked by Wikipedia to come up with this groundbreaking technology. Servers that will synthesize the speeches will be housed by Wikipedia. The two organizations also want to craft an enhanced model of the platform. The software will be freely availed to Internet users as an open source of knowledge. KTH also announced that once ready, it will be readily available for use by any website that uses the MediaWiki platform.

Professor Joakim Gustafson, who is in charge of the platform-development at KTH asserts that the institution is out to create a unique framework, where any dialogue synthesizer can be used to make a Wiki page. He further adds that toting or substituting new components in the text-to –speech structure will also be possible. The innovation team has already done an experimental study. The initiators of the project, Wikimedia Sweden projects that up to 25 per cent of Wikipedia users prefer the new feature.

Professional Wikipedia Business Page Creation

Not many people have the know-how about how to create a Wikipedia page on the online encyclopedia. Quoting often takes a similar model to academic citations, which ordinary page holders might not understand. This calls for them to find professional page creators. When you hire Wiki experts from Get Your Wiki they will guarantee a refund if the page created or edited by them is rejected. The articles they write are often backed up by relevant references and citations, which give them credibility. Get Your Wiki is a reputable Wiki editing service which has qualified Wikipedia editors for hire, whom are all well versed with the intricacies of page creation.

In addition, the firm monitors the pages of its clients on the site. This being an open source of information, it can be edited by anyone, so keeping it current requires someone with know how will update a Wiki page for you. Spiteful characters can take advantage of this to discredit reputable individuals and businesses. The firm helps maintain the pages and remove any negative info. Besides this, it also carries out translation services for its clients. 

It is of great importance for businesses to create pages on the website. This is an important marketing platform. The site is often accessed by many people, which means it has wide readership. Those with pages also have a good corporate reputation.

Jon Urbana – Through the Looking Glass

Jon Urbana is a very interesting human being. On the surface he looks like your average businessman that participates in a rather successful business life and simply goes about his business without too much turbulence. Then you find out he’s an incredible artist and enthusiast of so many wonderful hobbies and passions! Speaking of turbulence, Jon is even an FAA certified pilot. When he’s not flying in the skies above us, Jon spends time running Next Level Lacrosse Camp (NLLC), paying homage to his Villanova roots, developing his skills as a photographer, video publisher, musician, and speaking to WRCB Chattanooga.

One of the best ways to follow Jon and enjoy his story is to follow his official blog via WordPress. There he covers most his interests and expresses his unique artistic view of humanity and the simple yet mysterious things it embodies. Here a few few fascinating highlights we found about Jon Urbana.

* Some of Jon’s best artwork is done through his amazing ability to capture the deliciousness of food on film. He particularly captures the essence of fresh sushi with his post entitled “Yokozuna (sushi”. Quality fish is of course essential to good sushi, but the experts know that it is the rice that makes the best sushi. This picture seems to capture ever single grain of rice in suspension.

* Another splendid piece of art is the video created on the post entitled “Spendria”. This video displays a master of his classical guitar. An older gentleman who flawlessly strokes the string in a melodic and super polished manner. It inspires and shows what a lifetime of mastering an instrument can produce.

* “Coffee Circle of Life” is a post that shows the different stages of coffee. From beans, to grinds, to our favorite morning beverage. There’s something nostalgic about breaking things into stages like this. It’s as it almost celebrates a process and ceremony that we take for granted every morning. Coffee for some is one of life’s great pleasures.

* A totally eye-catching photo on the blog is very simply titled “Apple“. It’s this magical glowing apple that somehow was illuminated. It’s really a beautiful picture that captures the essence of apple flesh.

* A very compelling Vimeo clip that Jon re-posted entitled “Eye of India by Benn Berkeley” is a masterpiece in video editing and truly reveals the artists most intimate view of the beauty of India. It’s a short clip that will transcend time and place you on the ground in one of the worlds most fascinating countries.

Lime Crime Makeup is Amazing

I love wearing makeup, always have and always will. I love makeup even more after I found about Lime Crime makeup. It is a makeup line that was created by Doe Deere. Deere is an interesting entrepreneur. She is from Russia and then moved to New York City as a child.

I love the Lime Crime make up line selection at Amazon for many different reasons. First of all, I tend to like to stand out in a crowd. If I am going to take the time to get dressed up, I want to be remembered. I want to be a person that people talk about after the party in a positive way, wondering where I got my outfit, who does my makeup, and more. You get the point. In other words, I just love to always look unique and innovative.

I also love the fact that Deere was an entrepreneur with a creative edge who never gave up on her dreams. I am going after my dreams and the more people I learn about who actually made their dreams come true is inspiring to me. It helps give me the inspiration to continue to pursue my dreams.

When I wear Lime Crime makeup, I typically like to wear it during the evening or early afternoon. I love to pair it with dark colors to make it stand out even more. Some people like to pair it with bright clothing colors, but I am not like most people. Some of my friends have recently noticed my new makeup colors and have asked me where I got mine. I let them try it and they are hooked now.

I love to get together with my friends and figure out what we are going to wear to our next outing together. I love to imagine and experiment with colors from Deere’s makeup line and create amazing new looks. I have thought about becoming a makeup artist just because I love makeup so much, but my friends tell me that I should stay focused on the dreams I already have so I can make sure they come true.  Follow Lime Crime on Twitter for brand updates, and the website has a full listing on every lip product they offer.

Brenda Wardle Offers Analysis Of South African Twitter Racism

The issue of racism has always been of major importance to the people of South Africa, but the problem has recently been pushed forward again with charges brought against three people for posts made on social media platforms. Penny Sparrow, Chris Hart, and Justin Van Vuuren have had the racist posts they made on Twitter and Facebook reported to law enforcement with charges brought against the three for what have become known as hate crimes.

The political nature of Twitter and Facebook users who self police the platforms has led to the emergence of the woke Twitter movement that brings together all those who feel they are socially and politically aware. The movement was thought to have begun with the emergence of the Black Lives Matter group and continued as hash tags were used for many different political issues. Woke Twitter users raised the alarm with law enforcement agencies when conversations and posts between Penny Sparrow, Chris Hart, and Justin Van Vuuren compared black South Africans to a variety of animals, including monkeys.

The comparison to animals has led to question’s being raised about the nature of free speech in South Africa, a right guaranteed under the South African constitution. Legal analyst Brenda Wardle has given her view on the comments at the center of the controversy by insisting that the racist nature of the social media posts negated any right to free speech that could be argued in court.

One of the best respected legal experts in South Africa, Brenda Wardle has become one of the best known analysts on South African law in the world. Wardle came to the fore for global media companies during the Oscar Pistorius trial that saw her work for major news organizations, including the BBC and Reuters. An accomplished author, Brenda Wardle divides her time between legal manuals and fiction writings that have expanded her audience.

In terms of the accusations made about the three social media users those who have built a reputation for seeking out those who make negative posts based on gender or race have called for the strongest punishments possible to be brought against those accused. Brenda Wardle believes the right to human dignity should outweigh the right to freedom of speech in the case of the racist posts made in this latest scandal.

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